The following are required of your art files in order for us to achieve quality results in a timely manner. Please follow these guidelines when preparing files:

1. Print color separations of your work to insure that it contains all the colors and only the colors that we will be using to print the job and make sure the colors are designated spot or process as appropriate.

2. You can transmitting your files by email or ftp.

3. Placed images should be the correct color mode for the document. (CMYK, or Grayscale.Duotone or Multichannel for spot-color jobs.) Never RGB or Index Color.

4. Images should have an effective resolution of at least 300 pix./in.

5. The dieline should be included in the file as a separate color and layer. Create a spot color that will stand out called Die and use that for your dieline. It should be filled with none. Do not use your dieline to fill areas with color.

6. Include a complete set of the fonts used in your files.

7. Include at least 3mm bleed. Don't forget that inside cut-outs need to bleed also.

8. Use the appropriate file name suffix (.ai, .eps, .qxd, etc.)