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Container where there is good food can _ where can buy here
Click:409  Date:2015-06-11

Container where there is good food can _ where can buy here

Fujian jinjiang group of bright color printing co., LTD is a professional food production enterprises, mainly engaged in food related work, in the competitive market environment, with jinjiang group of bright color printing careful management, under the people-oriented management concept, the company has developed into a paper packaging container industry leader, and try to make the company to the industry's brand company. Company products are mainly sold to the country, if you need a friend, welcome to visit my company guidance, specific address is: fujian jinjiang yonghe adjacent zones

Jinjiang group of bright color printing from the perspective of consumers, choose 100 x100x20 we provide specifications of the container and will deliver the goods within the working days, to ensure that there is demand of customers can receive the product as soon as possible, freight consultation by the buyer and the seller, but also to provide customers with first-class after-sales service, to ensure customer satisfaction, and set up aftersales service points throughout the country, welcome to call 13506061808 for consultation.

, food is the main service areas of the country, is the purpose of the general packaging food. Fai printing since 1997-07-01 since the establishment of jinjiang group, under the guidance of corporate leaders, has been developing continuously, the company total assets of 100 million yuan a year, in fujian province has a certain status.

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Jinjiang group of bright color printing with good faith compliance, excellence, continuous improvement as the integration policy, pay attention to internal management, the efficiency enhances unceasingly, the sustained, rapid, stable and healthy development trend, the expansion rapidly across the country, with convenient logistics way, land transportation, the company's main food wholesale; Way of direct sales to the country, for the company to achieve higher economic and market efficiency.

Food box, where there is macau food box, food box, chongqing jiangsu food Please read the following information

Food brands: group of fai

Process: the traditional handicrafts

Manufacturer: fujian jinjiang group of bright color printing co., LTD

Production address: quanzhou

Payment: bank transfer; Cash payments

Whether the custom: can be customized

Material: bond

Whether printing LOGO: printing LOGO

Product level: advanced

Price: negotiate

Product name: cereal boxes

Specification: 100 x100x20

Purpose: packaged food

Sales area: the country

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