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Fujian Jinjiang Qunhui Printing Co.,Ltd.
Add: Bacuo Industrial Area, Yonghe, Jinjiang, Fujiang, China.
Tel: 86-595-88076358
Fax: 86-595-88086358
Zip: 362235
Email: vincent@qunhuicn.com

The best mosquito-repellent incense paper carton market prices
Click:407  Date:2015-06-10

Mosquito-repellent incense paper carton supplier best mosquito-repellent incense paper market prices

The company's products in the national sales volume is very big, strong market competitive, jinjiang group of bright color printing in does not affect the needs of customers to choose under the premise of mosquito-repellent incense carton will use wholesale; Direct way of selling the products. Because the company is located in the adjacent zones of fujian province jinjiang yonghe, products will be send in the form of land transportation, please note to check the logistics details.

Jinjiang group of mosquito-repellent incense paper carton sell like hot cakes in bright color printing, with high quality products and first-class service, the fujian province have unanimous favorable comment of customer demand.

Mosquito-repellent incense paper carton, please continue to check the following, Macao sichuan mosquito-repellent incense paper box, tianjin mosquito-repellent incense paper carton information

Qinghai mosquito-repellent incense paper box, shanxi is only for reference use mosquito-repellent incense paper box parameters, the actual shall prevail.

Mosquito-repellent incense paper brands: group of fai

Manufacturer: fujian jinjiang group of bright color printing co., LTD

Production address: quanzhou

Purpose: mosquito-repellent incense packing

Payment: bank transfer; Cash transactions

Whether the custom: can be customized

After-sales maintenance areas: the country

Service area: the country

Delivery time: working days

Whether printing LOGO: printing LOGO

Negotiated freight: buyers and sellers

Product level: advanced

Price: negotiate

Has been focused on in the paper packaging container industry of fujian province jinjiang group of bright color printing co., LTD., is one of the main production and management of mosquito coil incense cartons manufacturing co., LTD. Company since 1997-07-01 since its establishment, has been adhering to the pursuit of perfect service society good faith management, quality one business enterprise aim for the general demand of customers to provide quality mosquito-repellent incense paper box, in the field of paper packaging container on the proud achievements, fully affirmation in national regions.

Jinjiang group of bright color printing with constant innovation, seeking truth from facts and achieved good operating performance. By my company to provide the mosquito-repellent incense box is mainly used on the processing of production process, specification is given priority to with customizable. Have just introduced to the product market, is popular with the needs of customers, not only that, in terms of service, the company also for the demand of customers to provide quality after-sales service, guarantee the rights of the consumers.

Jinjiang group of bright color printing is adept production strength, gathering originative industry a good soldier, equipped with advanced equipment, has formed a strong creative and production team. To grasp the trend of The Times, making the mosquito-repellent incense paper market quickly occupied the paper packaging container. Fujian jinjiang group of bright color printing co., LTD., the staff is always in line with the principle of quality first, customer first with first-class mosquito-repellent incense paper box, sincere service, welcome the new and old customers to negotiate patronage from all walks of life. Contact phone: 0595-88083378, contact address: fujian jinjiang yonghe adjacent zones

Log in fujian jinjiang group of bright color printing co., LTD. Web site, www.qunhuicn.com, give you more than just a mosquito-repellent incense paper carton, gansu guangdong mosquito-repellent incense paper box, jilin mosquito-repellent incense paper box, zhejiang mosquito-repellent incense paper carton information

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